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Triggmine ICO Review

Email is becoming one of the most important tools of marketing and to draw customers toward your business. Yet, not all businesses know how to send productive emails to their clients and potential customers. With the advancement in technology, there are now solutions to overcome this by providing businesses with email marketing solutions that are equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) through the blockchain technology via the Triggmine platform.

What Is Triggmine?

triggmine icoTriggmine provides a solution that is automated for entrepreneurs to be able to run cost-effective campaigns for email marketing. This solution that is provided is built on top of the blockchain technology, which is a decentralized network and is equipped with a protocol that ensures clients are only paying for the positive results generated. It is a system that is fully intelligent and adjusts easily to the parameters of the business as well as individual needs of the customers. Triggmine has a tokenized blockchain system that is equipped with AI to provide workable solutions for marketing and e-commerce.

Features of Triggmine

  • It offers automated email campaigns that provide entrepreneurs with an AI system that can create workable email solutions with a single click.
  • There is a template library that has more than 150 email templates which a business can choose from to send to its customers according to their requirements.
  • It offers smart contracts through the use of the blockchain technology, and it makes sure that the security is not compromised as it guarantees positive results to the business.
  • It is equipped with master nodes within its platform, which is used for creating and executing the smart contracts.

Advantages of Triggmine

  • Provides customer insight
  • Easy to use
  • Provides content optimization for emails
  • Provides a greater return on investment
  • Competitively priced marketing programs
  • Provides lead generation


In order to successfully make use of email marketing campaigns, a platform is required through which a business can analyze a large volume of data. Triggmine provides such a platform by making use of the blockchain technology and working on a decentralized and neural network, which also makes it possible to personalize the email campaigns. The combination of AI along with the blockchain technology is able to meet and exceed the expectations of a business and will surely go a long way in helping businesses.