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Simple Dog Dieting Strategy

Dogs can get fat as humans do. A recent study, published in the leading Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, mentioned that the amount of obese dogs might be in the range of 22-40% in the United States.

Although you may think that fatty dogs may look funny, even adorable, the problem is that the same diseases that affect overweight and obese humans will also affect your dog. In addition, muscular and bone problems may arise in obese and overweight dogs.

You may love so much your dog to not let him having his way with food but think about the problems he can develop because of this overweight problem. One think you need to know is that dogs may go hungry for about 5 days without a problem. I am not recommending that but if a dog stays a day without eating he will not starve.

Here is a dog dieting strategy for a dog to loose weight. You, the owner, will be responsible to make your pet to follow this dog dieting strategy.

Dog dieting strategy tip 1: Stop feeding your pet scraps or leftovers. This is essential in this period of dog dieting. Scraps can be an immense source of calories for your dog especially if you, the owner, also are overweight or obese. Let’s be honest. If you eat bad food and you feed scraps to your dog he is eating fattening food too.

Dog dieting strategy tip 2: Give your dog plenty of water. As I said before a dog can go up to 5 days without eating but without water it wont last a day, so keep always clean and fresh water handy for your dog. So in this dog dieting strategy water is essential.

Dog dieting strategy tip 3: Feed your dog with a good meat quality dog food. Look a t the ingredients in the nutrition label of the dog food bag. Meat should be the number one ingredient not cereals such as corn, wheat, etc. So keep this in mind. Meat should be the first ingredient of your pet’s dog food in this dog dieting strategy.

Now the actual dog dieting strategy:

Weight your dog. Give your pet one-third less of your pet’s total pre-diet daily ration. Do not forget to include in this total treats, snacks, or scraps (but as I said before you should stop giving your dog scraps). Keep doing this for 2 weeks and weight again your pet.

If your pet has lost weight, great!. You are being successful with your dog dieting strategy. If this is the case keep doing this dog dieting strategy for a couple of more weeks and weight again your pet. Keep doing this strategy as long as your pet keeps loosing weight.

If your pet has not lost weight, then reduce (again) one-third of the daily ration. You should reduce the daily ration until your pet starts loosing weight, even if it is a little bit. This is the basis of this simple dog dieting strategy.

Take your dog for a walk daily. Exercise is the other component of this simple strategy. If your dogs walks daily he will loose weight more rapidly and, guess what, it will also help you increase your activity level.

As you can see this is a simple strategy for dieting for dogs. Do not apply it in cats. Cats are a different type of pet. Keep plenty of water, feed less good quality (meat) dog food, and increase your dog’s activity level.