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Sasha’s Wind and Rain Cover Review


  • Custom made to fit the Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller
  • Made of premium materials for improved durability
  • Features fitted sides to ensure that wind and rain does not infiltrate
  • Transparent so you can keep an eye on your child

A Cover for Your Tandem Stroller

stroller Wind and Rain CoverThis sit and stand baby stroller cover has been specifically designed for a product that we have already reviewed: the Baby Trend Sit N Stand tandem stroller. One of the issues with tandem strollers is that they often don’t provide enough protection to your children from inclement weather.

When you purchase this wind and rain cover, you will receive a product that has been custom-designed to fit perfectly on your Baby Trend stroller. Be careful to ensure that you have the exact model that this rain cover is made for since the fitted design will be useless without the proper stroller.

When it Works

One of the issues with this stroller cover is that it does not withstand wind very well, which is a problem when you consider that it is right in the name. A cover that is designed to withstand wind and rain should be able to do the two things that it was made for, but sadly that is not the case.

This product mainly disappointed us because it always gets blown up and out of the way of the stroller when you are in heavy winds. In fact, this can even be dangerous, should the cover get blown into your face if you are in the middle of crossing the street.

However, if the wind is not too intense, this makes for an excellent stroller cover, keeping the vast majority of rain away from the compartment containing your children. While the fitted design of this baby stroller cover diminishes the versatility of this product, it provides excellent rain coverage.

Some Good

Of course, this product is not all bad; otherwise, it wouldn’t be on this list in the first place. It is relatively easy to put this cover on your baby stroller, which ensures that you won’t be struggling for five minutes trying to wrestle with a stroller cover when you are getting ready.

Fitted covers have something of a reputation for being hard to handle, but we are glad to find that this is not the case with this product. In fact, much of the construction of this wind and rain cover is excellent. Sasha Kiddie Products has done a good job when it comes to build quality.

Perhaps a little bit of tightening around the bottom of the cover would improve the wind resistance of this product, but that would make it harder to put on your baby stroller. As you can see, the designers of this product have themselves something of a rough situation.


In the end, if you are looking for a cover that will work on the windiest days, you will have some trouble with this stroller cover from Sasha Kiddie Products. If you just want to protect your little ones from light drizzles, however, it shouldn’t be too bad of a choice. If you want a stroller to attach this rain cover to, then look at delicious who have great sit and stand stroller reviews.