Simple Dog Dieting Strategy

Dogs can get fat as humans do. A recent study, published in the leading Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, mentioned that the amount of obese dogs might be in the range of 22-40% in the United States.

Although you may think that fatty dogs may look funny, even adorable, the problem is that the same diseases that affect overweight and obese humans will also affect your dog. In addition, muscular and bone problems may arise in obese and overweight dogs.

You may love so much your dog to not let him having his way with food but think about the problems he can develop because of this overweight problem. One think you need to know is that dogs may go hungry for about 5 days without a problem. I am not recommending that but if a dog stays a day without eating he will not starve.

Here is a dog dieting strategy for a dog to loose weight. You, the owner, will be responsible to make your pet to follow this dog dieting strategy.

Dog dieting strategy tip 1: Stop feeding your pet scraps or leftovers. This is essential in this period of dog dieting. Scraps can be an immense source of calories for your dog especially if you, the owner, also are overweight or obese. Let’s be honest. If you eat bad food and you feed scraps to your dog he is eating fattening food too.

Dog dieting strategy tip 2: Give your dog plenty of water. As I said before a dog can go up to 5 days without eating but without water it wont last a day, so keep always clean and fresh water handy for your dog. So in this dog dieting strategy water is essential.

Dog dieting strategy tip 3: Feed your dog with a good meat quality dog food. Look a t the ingredients in the nutrition label of the dog food bag. Meat should be the number one ingredient not cereals such as corn, wheat, etc. So keep this in mind. Meat should be the first ingredient of your pet’s dog food in this dog dieting strategy.

Now the actual dog dieting strategy:

Weight your dog. Give your pet one-third less of your pet’s total pre-diet daily ration. Do not forget to include in this total treats, snacks, or scraps (but as I said before you should stop giving your dog scraps). Keep doing this for 2 weeks and weight again your pet.

If your pet has lost weight, great!. You are being successful with your dog dieting strategy. If this is the case keep doing this dog dieting strategy for a couple of more weeks and weight again your pet. Keep doing this strategy as long as your pet keeps loosing weight.

If your pet has not lost weight, then reduce (again) one-third of the daily ration. You should reduce the daily ration until your pet starts loosing weight, even if it is a little bit. This is the basis of this simple dog dieting strategy.

Take your dog for a walk daily. Exercise is the other component of this simple strategy. If your dogs walks daily he will loose weight more rapidly and, guess what, it will also help you increase your activity level.

As you can see this is a simple strategy for dieting for dogs. Do not apply it in cats. Cats are a different type of pet. Keep plenty of water, feed less good quality (meat) dog food, and increase your dog’s activity level.

Lovely Vienna

        Vienna is well known across Europe and in other countries. It is very diverse and has a lot of cultures to see. It has a special charm about it and tourist who come to Vienna, always want to stay there. It’s very clean and extremely safe to live in Vienna also. So how does it feel to live in Vienna? This article will provide information about this beautiful city and guide those who would like to live in Vienna with facts and ways of life in the capital city.

There are around 2 million people who live in Vienna. Vienna has so many visitors each year, that is has become a very popular urban tourist city. The weather is very mild in Vienna but experiences all four seasons. The winters do become quite cold though. If you are a romantic, Vienna is the city for you. With its rich history and romantic atmosphere, this is the right place to be.

Vienna has many sightseeing experiences, in fact, the entire city is stunning. The Imperial Square is located here, and amazing homes, buildings, and architecture surround the city. This city is a very comfortable and welcoming one, who wouldn’t want to live here?

The capital city is a city that has a lot of culture to it. There are a lot of cultural attractions in Vienna.  Of course, Vienna will always have its classical music theatre, but they also have an experimental theatre. There are many film festivals that welcome travelers each year. The pride of Vienna is the opera. The tickets for these events have to be purchased at least a year or more in advance. If you come just to travel, you’ll want to extend your vacation, because of everything that you want to see. There’s something for everyone in the city.

Vienna is dubbed a city of music for obvious reasons. Many classical composers called Vienna home. Mozart lived and worked here, so did Beethoven, Schubert, and Johann Strauss. Anywhere in Vienna that you visit, you’re bound to hear some of their music playing.  The Vienna Boys’ Choir is a great choir to hear and they are always on tour and winning awards for the music. If you are into music, this is where you want to be.

Vienna also boasts as being a city for those who love art. There are many world-famous artists who are from the capital city. There are many art galleries and museums in Vienna. The Museum of Fine Arts is the most known place for art. When Vienna says, “arts,” this also includes literature. The mass amounts of coffee shops and houses will have their own style of literature for your reading pleasure.

When visiting Vienna, travelers will have a wonderful experience unlike any other. There are so many attractions, buildings, shopping, experiences, and more than travelers will never forget. If you want to come to the lovely capital, make sure that you have your passport, have all of the needed shots to fly overseas, health insurance, and the correct currency.

Triggmine ICO Review

Email is becoming one of the most important tools of marketing and to draw customers toward your business. Yet, not all businesses know how to send productive emails to their clients and potential customers. With the advancement in technology, there are now solutions to overcome this by providing businesses with email marketing solutions that are equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) through the blockchain technology via the Triggmine platform.

What Is Triggmine?

triggmine icoTriggmine provides a solution that is automated for entrepreneurs to be able to run cost-effective campaigns for email marketing. This solution that is provided is built on top of the blockchain technology, which is a decentralized network and is equipped with a protocol that ensures clients are only paying for the positive results generated. It is a system that is fully intelligent and adjusts easily to the parameters of the business as well as individual needs of the customers. Triggmine has a tokenized blockchain system that is equipped with AI to provide workable solutions for marketing and e-commerce.

Features of Triggmine

  • It offers automated email campaigns that provide entrepreneurs with an AI system that can create workable email solutions with a single click.
  • There is a template library that has more than 150 email templates which a business can choose from to send to its customers according to their requirements.
  • It offers smart contracts through the use of the blockchain technology, and it makes sure that the security is not compromised as it guarantees positive results to the business.
  • It is equipped with master nodes within its platform, which is used for creating and executing the smart contracts.

Advantages of Triggmine

  • Provides customer insight
  • Easy to use
  • Provides content optimization for emails
  • Provides a greater return on investment
  • Competitively priced marketing programs
  • Provides lead generation


In order to successfully make use of email marketing campaigns, a platform is required through which a business can analyze a large volume of data. Triggmine provides such a platform by making use of the blockchain technology and working on a decentralized and neural network, which also makes it possible to personalize the email campaigns. The combination of AI along with the blockchain technology is able to meet and exceed the expectations of a business and will surely go a long way in helping businesses.

Sasha’s Wind and Rain Cover Review


  • Custom made to fit the Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller
  • Made of premium materials for improved durability
  • Features fitted sides to ensure that wind and rain does not infiltrate
  • Transparent so you can keep an eye on your child

A Cover for Your Tandem Stroller

stroller Wind and Rain CoverThis sit and stand baby stroller cover has been specifically designed for a product that we have already reviewed: the Baby Trend Sit N Stand tandem stroller. One of the issues with tandem strollers is that they often don’t provide enough protection to your children from inclement weather.

When you purchase this wind and rain cover, you will receive a product that has been custom-designed to fit perfectly on your Baby Trend stroller. Be careful to ensure that you have the exact model that this rain cover is made for since the fitted design will be useless without the proper stroller.

When it Works

One of the issues with this stroller cover is that it does not withstand wind very well, which is a problem when you consider that it is right in the name. A cover that is designed to withstand wind and rain should be able to do the two things that it was made for, but sadly that is not the case.

This product mainly disappointed us because it always gets blown up and out of the way of the stroller when you are in heavy winds. In fact, this can even be dangerous, should the cover get blown into your face if you are in the middle of crossing the street.

However, if the wind is not too intense, this makes for an excellent stroller cover, keeping the vast majority of rain away from the compartment containing your children. While the fitted design of this baby stroller cover diminishes the versatility of this product, it provides excellent rain coverage.

Some Good

Of course, this product is not all bad; otherwise, it wouldn’t be on this list in the first place. It is relatively easy to put this cover on your baby stroller, which ensures that you won’t be struggling for five minutes trying to wrestle with a stroller cover when you are getting ready.

Fitted covers have something of a reputation for being hard to handle, but we are glad to find that this is not the case with this product. In fact, much of the construction of this wind and rain cover is excellent. Sasha Kiddie Products has done a good job when it comes to build quality.

Perhaps a little bit of tightening around the bottom of the cover would improve the wind resistance of this product, but that would make it harder to put on your baby stroller. As you can see, the designers of this product have themselves something of a rough situation.


In the end, if you are looking for a cover that will work on the windiest days, you will have some trouble with this stroller cover from Sasha Kiddie Products. If you just want to protect your little ones from light drizzles, however, it shouldn’t be too bad of a choice. If you want a stroller to attach this rain cover to, then look at delicious who have great sit and stand stroller reviews.